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Quilt Making Still Exists in a Modern-Day World

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It is without question that many cultures dating as far back as the 1600s would make, sell or trade their craftsman works. Quilts were famous for the ladies to work on. In the early days, knowing how to quilt was not only for a hobby, but it provided the family warmth through rough winters as homes were not built strong enough or with proper materials to hold the elements from harsh weather out.

Quilting┬áhas come a long way since colonial times when life was so busy that women would simply cut flowers and or designs out of pieces of fine fabric and then sew them to a sturdier type of material. As time went on, the progress of how to sew a quilt together kept changing. Pattern style quilting became popular. This style consists of many blocks of fabric sewn together and then appliqued in a patterned look to … Read More