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5 more autumn design trends for 2018

We’ve already taken a sneak peek at five of the hottest new autumn design trends for homes that you can expect to see gaining ground in the coming weeks and months, and now we present five more that you need to know about.

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1. Vintage Scandinavian

Scandi is having another moment in the spotlight, but this time it has been given a vintage makeover. Sainsbury’s Home range leads the way, raiding its packaging archives in search of inspiration and coming up with an exciting new dining range incorporating 1950s nostalgia with modern Scandi elements for a fresh take on the theme.

2. Unusual textures in the kitchen

The modern kitchen is all about mixing it up, using a variety of surfaces to add interest. Concrete, quartz, natural wood and metals all look great mixed together, adding interest to the area. According to Ideal Home, rubber is a tactile material that is soft, warm and durable, making it a great option for your kitchen floor.

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3. Bright geometrics

Bold pops of colour combined with geometrical patterns make a confident statement in any home. For best results, this look depends on appropriate lighting, so large, bright windows offering plenty of natural light are a must. You could also take the opportunity to upgrade your windows, saving energy on future fuel bills. Take a look at the options offered by sites like the Gloucester Double Glazing Company at for inspiration.

4. Handmade artisan crafts

Folk art is seeing a resurgence in interest right now, making it one of the hottest new trends in home decorating. Rattan lampshades, crochet, embroidery and decorative quilting are all having a moment, with interior designers seeking out cosy materials and textures with a hand-crafted feel. Whether you’re a dab hand with the knitting needle or you prefer to purchase your crafts ready-made, you’ll find that homes across the country will be rushing to include this trend in the coming months.

5. Moody blue

Navy is having its moment in the spotlight this season, and it’s already cropping up in stores as the colour of choice for a range of home accessories, from cushions to wallpaper. Use it as your base colour in a room and add accented highlights in a lighter hue, or just include one or two deep navy pieces for a more subtle look.