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6 DIY ideas of rodent traps

A rodent infestation can be the worst problem one can ever have. It gets really hard to get rid of rodents once they are in your house. Rodent extermination is usually done by using various traps or special equipment. When things are really out of control, one has no options left, butto call professional rodent extermination services. If you are in need of professional extermination services then YouDo is here to help you.

 There are a number of ways to get rid of rodents, here are the most popular.Using rat traps is one of the easiest ways to catch rodents. One should place rat traps near wall as rats usually do not like to move in the open space. It is the odour or the food that attracts rats and mice towards the trap.But simply putting trapswon’t help if the number of rodents is big. They are also useless if the place is large (storage places, warehouses, etc.)


Here are some essential tips that will help you manage rodent infestation:

  • Use traps in closed areas

Place traps in closed areas that you think are infested. Traps only work when the number of rodents is small. Some rodents, rats for example, are fast learners, once a rat is trapped the rest ignore traps.

  • Place a trap for your rats at home

Choose a perfect place where the rat is most likely to come. Placing it in the middle of the room under a bright light will never work. It is important to know that rats love to move discretely. They will never take a risk of stealing food openly, they are extremely cautious. Thus, one should place traps along the walls of the house. Keep it underneath the furniture or the cupboard which you had left open. Also place traps in corners.

  • Consider the correct bait

Numerous research and studies show that black rats are always vegetarians. However, brown rats eat both vegetablesand meat. So if you have black rats at home coming from off the roof or trees, then peanut butter acts as a perfect bait. Brown rats tend to originate from the garbage or sewer. Serve them with cheese. It works as a good bait for these omnivorous rats. Studies also show that rats are more attracted to stinky cheese, chocolates, and even beer.

  • Do not add poison to the food

Sometimes rats get to escape from the trap. They tend to go to a safer place to eat. They are never likely to be adapted to a new environment very soon. Thus, it can indeed turn out to be unsafe for the kids and others at home as the poison would spread to the entire floor. Giving poisonous food might kill the rat in unwanted places such as below the furniture, under the refrigerators and stoves, in the pile of sand, kids play areas, etc. If you have a pet it also endangers him. As they can either eat the poison or get in contact with the rat, thus getting poisoned themselves.

  • Some rats are huge

Yes, some rates are fatter than the size of common rat traps. Thus, make sure that the size of the trap you have chosen is appropriate. YouDo helps you with insect extermination services list where you can take help of professional services to get rid of the rodents.

  • Cardboard tunnels work

If you place cardboard tunnels on rat traps, it is more likely that you will get rid of the rodent infestation. Rats and mice like enclosed spaces, thus tunnels are the perfect hideout. When you place a cardboard, the trap also looks like an enclosed space and makes it more comfortable for the rat to move there.

Types of rat traps

In cases of a severe rat infestation, there is always a requirement to hire professional services that use sophisticated techniques and their own pesticides to kill rats. One can get the best rodent exterminationservices in a matter of minutes with the help of However, in case of minor problems, the following types of rat traps can be considered.

  • Snap traps- These are the traps which are enticed with food having a strong smell to attract the rats. They are the most popular traps and are available at low prices in the market.

  • Glue traps- They are made out of vinyl or heavy paper and have a thick coating of heavy adhesive. It includes a mixture of various aromatic compounds. The rats walk into the traps, get mired with the glue in it. Though they try to move their feet, they are stuck

  • Electronic traps- They are the most powerful and the best traps for big rats and mice. Mice and rats die on the spot due to the electric shock. These traps have batteries, and most of them are disposable. These are available in different sizes to get rid of smaller as well as bigger rodents.

  • Live capture traps- These traps can be used a numbers of times. They are boxes having glass lids. The glass helps in the inspection of the trap. As and when the rat enters the trap, the cap falls automatically, and the rodent is sealed in the box. These are the most expensive traps as they can be used multiple times.

These different types of traps can be used in the manner explained above for effectiverodent extermination. However, in certain situations, one might need to call for professional rodent extermination services. YouDo provides the complete information about these services near you. You can avail any information you need, ratings, feedback, prices, thus making a decision is very easy. It helps you avail them as and when required.