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The Commonly Used Methods And Types Of Pest Control Some of the most troubling living things that can seriously cause damage to food which is we have stored in our granaries or to some plants that are still on the farm waiting to be reaped are pests. Pests are generally classified as rodents, insects, birds, animals or mites. Insects are the major pest types because they cause damage to different plant parts. They suck sap from various plants, bore into some fruits and bite different into different parts of plants. Since different pests cause damage or threaten our lives in different ways, it is advisable to employ different pest control methods that will help in the control of different pests. The management and regulation of different pests which may threaten your health, the ecology and the economy is generally referred to as pest control. Most of these pest control methods are carried out by specialized and qualified practitioners called exterminators. You can opt to employ the services of the exterminators or choose to engage in the process of pest control on your own. The main methods that are used to control pests are physical methods, mechanical methods, chemical methods, cultural methods, plant quarantine method and biological methods. All these methods will greatly help in one or another when it comes to the management of different pests. The mechanical methods of pest management include the use of a trap, use of nets, picking them by hand and the removal of the parts that are infested. We can pick larvae and insects by hand then destroy them to reduce their threat on human health. The use of heat, X-rays and gamma and low temperatures are some of the techniques applied in the physical pest regulation methods. Physical methods of pest control help you to get rid of small rodents and insects by setting up different barriers which help to prevent destruction as you easily remove and attack them.
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Chemical methods that are used in the control of different pests prove to be the most effective though hazardous to the environment because of pollution. The chemicals that are used are called insecticides or pesticides. Some of the most common cultural methods of pest control include crop rotation, deep ploughing, late or timely sowing and proper harvesting. Due to the fact that biological pest control measures involve of the use of some biological agents such as micro-organisms, predators, birds and parasites, it has greatly proved to be one of the most effective methods of pest regulation. Most of these methods will assist you to eliminate the different types of pests which cause damage to different crop parts and plants.
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When you want to eliminate any pest, you should be able to employ the most appropriate method of pest control that will eliminate the pest easily and without the pollution of the environment.