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Combat Your Pest Problem Professionally Or Naturally

Dealing with unwanted pests in your home can be quite a hassle. At first, we often think that we can handle the nuisance on our own. As the situation escalates, we quickly realize we need to re-think or strategy and call in the professionals. Don’t let this deter you from attempting remediation on your own first. There are some types of bugs or pests that can be taken care of on your own without the help of professionals but there are other situations where you will need a pest control company.

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What Type Of Pests Can You Take Care Of On Your Own

You might be wondering what types of pests you can remediate on your own. You do not need to jump to conclusions and consider your house infested at the site of the first ant, spider or mouse. When you start noticing the numbers increase then you will want to seek some professional help. If it has recently rained the ants me simply be out foraging for food.

How Can You Naturally Deter Pests

You can naturally deter them with essential oils such as peppermint. The smell breaks up the chemical trail that they leave to lead the rest of the ant line back to their nest. You can also plant peppermint plants around your home to naturally deter all types of insects. Peppermint also works for spiders. Mice and other rodents are put off by the scent combination of peppermint, spearmint and lavender. Planting these around your property will help ward off rodents. During the colder months they will seek refuge in your home if possible because they are looking for warmth. You can set traps to catch and release them back to the wild during the cooler months of the year.

When Do You Need A Professional

When the infestation is out of control and your natural or simple store bought remedies do not work you will need to hire a professional pest control company. In many cases insects will try to get into your home through your basement, garage, holes in windows and your crawl space. Some types of shrubs and trees attract large amounts of insects. You can seek out technicians for any crawl space encapsulation services richmond va and cities all across the US have professionals that can secure your crawl and prevent bugs, rodents, snakes and other pests from entering your home.

What Can You Expect

When you notice you have a problem that is beyond your capabilities you will need to call in a professional pest control company. Upon calling you will let the customer care representative know about your situation. An appointment will be scheduled for a specialist to assess the problem. In some cases, the pest control technician will be able to treat the problem on the spot. If the infestation is worse than expected they may return with traps or sprays that will be more effective in remediating your pest problem. You may need to schedule a few treatments and then become part of a preventative care plan to continually treat your property and deter pests.