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Features to know for your next display freezer

Display units can increase sales

Display freezers are an essential item if you want to showcase frozen food. There are various types available on the market, so it’s important to choose the most appropriate model to enhance your presentation and show off your products to potential customers.

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The model of display freezer should complement those products which require storage and showcasing. From single glass door freezers to countertop units and solid door refrigeration, there will be a model to suit your purpose.

Counter top display freezers are usually located at the checkout or in high volume retail sections of the store to entice customers into purchasing a product. These display units have been proven to play vital roles in increasing sales, especially impulse purchases.

Alternatives are the glass door and chest freezers which are designed to accommodate items in bags and boxes. Both of these roomy units boast a generous capacity, as well as different compartments. The glass lid chests are ideal for use in stores, so that customers can see the products on display. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all storage needs.

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Popular choice for cafes and restaurants

Single glass door freezers, such as these, are a popular choice for café and restaurant kitchens, to allow easy viewing. They can also be found in convenience stores, displaying refrigerated foods or impulse buys like drinks and cold snacks to customers.

Display freezers are created with innovative self-closing doors which are essential. The internal temperature of the freezer has to be maintained, so it is important that the doors close correctly and gently.

According to Food Manufacture magazine, statistics show that sales of frozen goods have increased 5.4 per cent to £6.1bn over the past 12 months. The report illustrates that savoury foods and pizza now represent 16 per cent of the total value of the frozen food market. The recent hot weather also resulted in a spike in ice cream sales, according to the report.

Ice cream freezers are, of course, another type of unit in which retailers can display their array of delicious, mouth-watering flavours. An important feature of the ice cream freezer is that it prevents melting. To conclude, no matter what your commercial needs, fridge freezers come in all shapes and sizes, so there will be one to suit.