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Ways to Organize a Destination Wedding

Before you can take your vows in Los Cabos, Mexico, you need to plan the ceremony. Remember that planning a destination wedding does not have to be more expensive or more difficult than a domestic event. If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are some tips and tricks to help you easily plan a wonderful destination wedding.

Create a budget

Creating a budget must be one of the first things you do when planning your special day, so do likewise with your destination wedding too. Initially, you might have an approximate estimate, but after you get a few quotes, choose a fixed amount and stick with it.
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Use a wedding planner
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A wedding planner/coordinator is vitally important if your wedding will be done abroad, especially if you don’t know the destination that well, and don’t speak the local language. A good coordinator will save you stress, time, and money even.

Watch your guest list

In many locations, it’s wise to have a definite number of guests for purposes of booking the venue. If your guests are less than enough, you could end up financing rooms or food for guests who fail to show up. Conversely, if you’re wedding at a country B&B, keep the numbers down so everybody can be accommodated.

Choose your vendors wisely

Be choosy. Check and compare vendor ads and directories on wedding websites. Then gauge how they speak to you once you call them. Consider a potential difference of time, but let them know if you’ll not want to wait for more than 2 days for an answer. It’s crucial for the entire planning process that you’re comfortable with vendors, so if you do not like them, ditch them.

Sort out the paperwork

In another country, the legal formalities of a wedding can be complex. In addition, your marriage might have to be recognized in your home country, which might lead to even more bureaucracy. To have a legally binding ceremony abroad, take care of the paperwork beforehand. Your wedding coordinator should help you.

Plan beforehand

Your guests should make their travel arrangements in advance. Spend some time figuring out how many people are actually coming. You should also choose vendors and set aside time for dealing with unexpected changes. Planning in advance will make things much easier.

Pay attention to the weather

If your wedding is in Los Cabos, Mexico, you don’t have to worry about bad weather–unless it’s in the months of Aug, Sep, or Oct, when the hurricane season starts. Also avoid holidays, where both airfare and hotel expenses tend to be more expensive.

Once you’ve selected a wonderful location, relax and enjoy. You’re getting married to the love of your life and that’s what truly matters.