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Gorilla ceiling fan review, price, and features

Over the years the technological advancement around the globe has reached new heights. Intellectual level goes on setting new bars each decade. Every new day starts with some remarkable discoveries and inventions. Talking about the advancement in machines & electronics, manufacturers keep encouraging advanced products. The circle of the addition of new techniques and software and deduction of old methods and software paves the path for new brands and models each successive year. The demand for these products in the market increases as the excitement to buy these products among customer’s increases. The medium which connects these two user groups is undoubtedly the internet. The Internet has contributed largely to the growth in the fan base of online marketing, thus providing easy accessibility to users worldwide.

Atomberg technology is one such database which provides high-end electronic products, specific to a particular kind. Gorilla energy efficient ceiling fans are one of their creations. Consuming just 28 watts at the highest speed, Gorilla is considered as India’s most efficient ceiling fan. The product uses BLDC technology to ensure a profit of at least Rs 1000-1500 per year depending on usage and electricity rates. If this is the product that you are searching for, then you can purchase it online here.

The fan binds into some extraordinary features like:

  • Per energy efficient BLDC Motor
  • Highest service value (air delivery/watt)
  • Runs three times longer on inverter resulting longer battery life
  • No humming noise
  • No heating of fan even after long hours of runtime resulting in extra-long life
  • Consistent performance and high energy saving even at low voltage and power fluctuation
  • Three years of limited warranty

Moving on to the most important part, that compels every customer to think thrice before buying the product is “Price of the product”.  After going through all its features and its high-end capability, it is evident that you would be lost in your misconceptions. The mistake refers to your idea of –good product is equal to high price. But the idea stands wrong over here!!

All good products need not necessarily be overpriced. It is priced at a considerable rate of Rs 3500 including all the taxes, with no shipping charges. Further adding to its advantages, the fan comes with a smart remote control, which has speed control, sleep and timer mode along with varied colors and different blade sizes. The product promises high durability factor:

  • It is ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001:2004 certified
  • Compliant with the requirements of IS 374: 1979
  • Every fan has gone through rigorous tests in extreme conditions before shipping
  • All alloy body with powder coating
  • This product is readily available at various other websites.

Other websites dealing with this product are- Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal,

The website provides all necessary details and information’s about how Gorilla energy efficient ceiling fan is better than other fans. The product adequately justifies the value of power and energy conservation. It is a boon to today’s world. There is no looking back after technology drags you to a better and safe place to live in. Gorilla ceiling fan is the start of a new revolution in this sector, and it’s our duty to help them create a better environment by controlling depletion of resources.