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How to Feel Safe and Secure While Getting Discount on Home Insurance

As far back as four years ago, there was 17 percent of homes who had a security system installed. According to FBI data, a home invasion can cost nearly $20,000. When burglaries take place, there is normally an average of at least $2000 worth of valuables taken. The use of a security system has been shown in several studies that burglaries tend not to happen when a burglar is aware of security cameras. Over 60 percent of the time, burglars are deterred with cameras present. When a person considers how much it may cost if a burglary takes place, a home security system is very affordable, and it also has benefits to allow homeowners to rest a little easier. The homeowner understands they have reduced the chances of being burglarized or exposed to other criminal activity. There are several trends shaping how security is taking place in residential properties.

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Benefits of Keeping the Residence Secure

Any type of home security systems virginia are going to deter criminal activity. It creates a safe environment throughout the hood when several homes decided to make use of a security system. With the help of modern technology, there are ways for a person who has an installed security system to monitor their homes via remote devices. There are many security systems that allow the use of a smartphone or other devices to monitor the activity on what going on at a person’s home while they are away. The other benefits of utilizing the security system are:

  • Reduce home insurance cost
    • Provides notifications of hazards
    • Has access to keep a watch of kids

    Most insurance companies will offer a discount on home insurance for a residence that utilizes a security system. Many insurance companies can offer up to 20 percent of a discount. There are some security systems that allow a person to set up notifications that will alert authorities regarding hazards such as a gas leak or have an alarm to warn of possible carbon monoxide hazard. There are also notifications issued for when the smoke alarm goes off. The notifications will be dependent upon the provider for the security system. The benefit gained by having a security system is the capability to monitor the kids. A person can be aware of who the kids are allowing entry into the home while the owner is away. A person also has the ability to unlock and lock doors remotely via apps provided by the provider of the security system.

    Security Trends to Provide A Peaceful Mind

Security automation is a growing trend in home security. Most security systems created are to be integrated with smart home devices. With the use of smart home devices, it is going to allow devices such as smart plugs to be utilized with appliances that will allow a person to control when a device is set to be turned or go offline. A trend that is continuously advancing is the use of video surveillance and live streaming. Camera resolutions are improving, and security video equipment is not as easy to tamper with as it was in the past. With the use of motion sensors, cameras will be able to provide live updates or notifications to the homeowner of the activity happening on their property while the homeowner is away. Geo-Fencing is a growing trend in home security, and it allows the homeowner to create a boundary that will arm or disarm the security system. The homeowner can provide a schedule to when to activate or deactivate the instruction provided for the geo-fencing.