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Is Your Home Ready for Summer?

We are currently dreaming of those long warm summer days, relaxing outdoors and entertaining in the afternoon and late evenings. Now is the time to ensure that your home will enable you to make the most out of the summer months – is your home summer-ready? We have some great tips for you to ensure that it definitely is.

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A Quick Update

Repainting or redecorating to incorporate summer hues may be a little bit too much for the majority of people. However, this doesn’t stop us wanting to inject a little bit of colour, and neither should it. Swap cushions of muted hues with those that have a more vibrant tone. It is even possible to introduce a fresh table cloth or colourful blind to inject the colour pop wanted.

House accessories such as new summer art prints, or in the kitchen a new set of tea towels can also create a visual summery effect.

The Right Flooring

A bigger change that will instantaneously make a big difference to both the look and fell of the room is to change the flooring. Whilst carpets can be cosy, particularly during the winter months, laminate flooring can create a fresh and modern look. With the advantage of being easier to clean when half of the time the family is bringing the outside in on the soles of their shoes, durable and washable laminate flooring such as that provided by is an obvious choice.

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The Smell of Summer

Freshly cut grass is one of our favourite summer smells, but other summer scents can be easily recreated in your home these days, ensuring that even if the door is closed the senses are reminded of the summer months. Zingy citrus and dreamy vanilla are particularly good at conjuring those summer vibes.

Carefully position scented candles or oil diffusers around your rooms. They both look and smell great.

A Bedroom Sanctuary

Feeling too hot at night time can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep, so it can be invaluable to ensure that your bedroom is both cool and comfortable. Ensuring that your bedlinen and mattress is made of breathable cotton can be a step in the right direction.

Create a cool summery look by exchanging dark sheets for fresh white linen and you will instantly feel better.