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Keep that boiler running or its heading for the highway

It is vitally important to keep you boiler running as smoothly as possible so the work of a Gloucester Boiler Servicing firm is an essential part of your home maintenance routine. The last thing that you could possibly want is to get to the winter months and suddenly find you have not got hot water or even worse a non-functioning central heating system. Its also important that you remember that a boiler is a complicated machine that harnesses not only the power of electricity and water but also gas to. What we’re trying to say is that its really not a good idea for you to be trying to fix it yourself as, putting it bluntly it can explode.

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What are the most common causes for the fault? The only reason we’re telling you this is so that you have a better understanding of the problems with a boiler system so again even if you know don’t try and fix it. However, one quick fix might be to bleed the radiators. This is ok to attempt as it means minimal risk. Although this is only a fix for a lack of central heating. When the system is left dormant for a while such as over the summer months you should take the radiator key and a bit of tissue paper or towel and go and bleed the radiators. This will release a build up of air that the boiler cannot push water into. This is very important as it will illustrate if there is also a problem with the water heater and or the pump. The valve for the radiator is located on the top right-hand corner of the radiator and you should find a small valve there. This will need to be turned. As you do listen very carefully as you will hear a slight rushing sound of air escaping. It is being pushed by the hot water behind it and will force out the air through with the released pressure. Bear in mind that if you don’t keep a close eye on the radiator then the water will begin to fountain out of the valve! The radiator should warm up and then the system should start to flow smoothly.

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There are any number of reasons for the boiler to be playing up. If the pilot light keeps going out and not starting of the gas then there may be a draught into the system, another common problem is if there is a build up of sludge and limescale, very common in hard water areas this can restrict the flow of the water around the system to a trickle. This make shot the boil work hard and also uses up even more gas than is actually needed. The other is the simple fact the pump has gone. Either way call the professionals out don’t try to fix it yourself.