Home Improvement

Making Home Changes with a Rebate

I got quite a hefty tax rebate in the mail recently, and I decided that the best way to spend that money would be to do a little bit of renovating. The first target of my renovation was the shutters. The shutters just looked so old and bland to me that I wanted to get rid of them and make a fresh start. A simple coat of paint on the old ones wouldn’t have been enough for me. I looked up some plantation shutters companies in the area and gave one a call.

I had my windows measured for the new shutters and picked out a better design than the previous one. I locked in an installation time with the shutter company and focused on the next part of my renovation. The floors in the kitchen and bathrooms also looked boring and needed to be replaced with something better. I’ve always been a big fan of the classic checkered pattern, ever since I saw it in various television shows and movies from the old days. That iconic look is something that I wanted when I first started home shopping, but that look had gone out of style in favor of more modern designs.

I found a company that could put down the checkered tile pattern on the bathrooms and the kitchen and gave them a call. By the time they were down with the floors and the shutter company was done with the windows, my home looked much better, but there was still more that needed to be done. The walls had been the same color for years, and I wanted to try a color that was a little more bold. A light color like egg shell is the go to for walls, but I preferred to see something darker, like a blue.