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Tips in Choosing Your E-Liquid

The advantages that you can get from vaping has now widely known by people around the world. You have now used e-cigarettes to enjoy your smoking experience, but your e-liquid bottle is now empty. Your e-cigarette will be nothing but useless without e-liquid. You should not be afraid since you have plenty of choices. Though, it can be quite challenging to determine which e-liquid is best for you.

– Know Your Preferred Flavor

It is good to know that there are different flavors to choose from. You can pick one that has fruity, cocktails, food or tobacco blends. Of course, you need to pick the flavor you prefer the most because it helps you enjoy your smoking experience.

Tobacco blends is a perfect option for the new users who are used to their cigarette brands. This mimic the popular brands’ taste.

It will take a little time for them to start wanting other flavors like food blend or fruity tastes. Some of the food blends include wafer, pizza, cake and the fruity ones include mango, watermelon and grape. And, you can choose mixed flavors which bring in new and exciting flavors.

Another very popular flavor is the cocktail. Some of these flavors would include beer, wine and brandy.

It is very important for you to choose a flavor that you know you’ll like. After, you can start trying other more interesting flavors.

– The Nicotine Level

Aside from the flavor, you should also determine the nicotine strength. The levels will start from low, to medium and to high. How much you smoke per day will determine the right strength of nicotine to choose.

It is very important for you to determine the right level of nicotine for you to avoid problems. It is ideal to begin with the medium strength before adjusting according to your own preference.

– What Type Do You Want

You have now to decide if you want a PG e-liquid or a VG e-liquid. And, sometimes you can have a combination of both. It is very important for you to understand that there are benefits and downsides for each option. PG, for example, can produce weak vapor but has a rich flavor. When it comes to VG, you are going to have a slight sweet taste, but you’ll enjoy its massive clouds of vapor.

Always bear these things in mind when choosing your e-liquid. To save money, you have to try it first before buying. There are also other brands that you have to check out. And, always make your research to save time.
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