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Simplifying how to put home décor

One of the most frustrating aspects of home decorating is placing a large piece of art on your wall. Often, people go through the painstaking process of finding placement, attempting to level the piece, making the appropriate marks and hanging it up only to take a few steps back and find out that it is crooked on the wall. Here is a quick guide to help you level a painting on the first try.

When it comes to hanging a large piece of art that will be the center focal point of the room, experts recommend that you hang paintings about 60 overall inches up from the floor. Another tip commonly used refers to measuring a distance of about six to eight inches from the top of a piece of furniture; this is where the bottom of the art’s frame should be placed.

It helps if you have someone assist you in eyeballing whether a piece of art is centered and level on the wall, especially if it is a particularly large painting. Some people prefer to use a leveling device to ensure a painting is centered. Others use a pencil and draw a light line on the wall to mark its placement. Some people also use painter’s tape or sticky notes to mark the placement. There are also sophisticated tools on the market that help with hanging up paintings. Many of these handy gadgets cut a considerable amount of time off of the project and are well worth the investment, especially if you have multiple paintings or pictures to hang.

To avoid scratching the back of the painting or the surface of your wall, you may want to attach some clear rubber bumpers to each of the bottom four corners of the back of your painting. These rubber bumpers also help to keep the painting level on your wall; they act like a gripping device. The aisle with picture-hanging hardware or the cabinet hardware department of any home goods, lumber shop, or home improvement store should have them. Leveling a painting can be a quick, painless and easy process.