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Things You Should Know Before Polishing Marble Polished marble has a striking appearance that you will definitely love to see in your home or commercial property. Marble floors, by themselves, are indeed beautiful but also need polishing to look even better. It is important that you polish marble floors carefully in order to get an exceptional result even though the process may be time consuming. If you don’t have an idea of how the process is carried out, then you’re better of contacting a professional when it comes to large scale polishing. Understand the effects of polishing and how it is to be done to get a good result before you actually begin the process. You wouldn’t get that ultimate finish if you do not have the right tools and skills for the task. There are two ways to go about the stone polishing process and you must understand these methods well. All these methods have their own way of accomplishing and each has a different result. A professional stone polisher knows which method to choose for a particular floor and you should make up your mind too in advance. Vitrificarion is one of these methods and it is done in two steps commonly known as the sandwich process. This processes requires an acidic solution to be added to the marble and left to react with the calcium. A buffing machine fitted with steel wool pads is then passed carefully on the places where the reaction has taken place to create an excellent finish. You need to work on the entire section carefully to give an even finish.
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When the acid is sprayed, you should be aware that the solution will tend to alter the surface of the stone at first. However, you shouldn’t panic at this point since it serves to make the stone stronger. After the procedure, a wax solution is to be applied on the floor in order to seal the results of the initial process in making the floor take shape. This process is effective, however, just like any other process it too has some drawbacks. One common drawback is the flying debris from the steel wool which is hazardous and can also cause problems to the floor finish.
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The second method that is used to polish a floor is crystallization. This method is pretty similar to vitrification with the only difference being that it makes use of powder instead of a spray. You won’t end up with acid or wax residues in this process after the cleanup. This procedure is very challenging and if you need to get the best results, then you are better off seeking the services of a professional. Selecting the method to be used on your floors is an important thing to do and so is choosing the abrasives that should be used. When it comes to abrasives, diamond ones are the best on both commercial and residential projects.