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The Challenges when Sanding Hardwood Floors

As it relates to older homes or the construction of new homes, hardwood flooring materials have been a popular option and they continue to be for homeowners. However, whether the hardwood floors have been in a home for many years or they have been recently installed, the finishes are not always what the homeowner prefers. If this is the case, sanding hardwood floors can be the first step in bringing new life back to an outdated or undesirable wood floor.

Refinishing Solid Wood Floors

There are a few considerations when it comes to refinishing hardwood flooring. For example, the material that is used will be of significant importance. With solid hardwood floors, especially those that have yet to be refinished, there’s a great deal of potential to sufficiently remove sealants and old stains to make it a blank canvas where a new stain can be applied.

The Challenges of Refinishing Engineered Wood Flooring

For engineered hardwood flooring, which only has a thin veneer of wood, sanding can be a bit tricky, especially if these floors have been refinished in the past. Because of the varying thicknesses of engineered hardwood flooring, some floors have been sanded to the point to where the veneer is too thin to accept a new finish.

Making Repairs as Necessary

The other thing to consider is any repairs that may be needed. Older solid hardwood floors can often be stripped down through sanding and a new finish can be installed. However, many older flooring surfaces may have damaged wood planks. These planks will need to be repaired. Fortunately, the repairs can be made and once the floor is completely sanded and refinished, the flooring will have a uniformed look.

Refinishing hardwood floors can be rather simple by sanding off an old finish. In some cases, it can be a bit more complicated. However, professional services that handle this type of restoration can do a number of things to change the look or restore even the most damaged hardwood flooring surfaces. This is something to consider if you are not happy with the look or the condition of your hardwood floor.