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There Are Natural Ways To Control Mosquitoes Around Your Lake Or Pond

If you have a lake, river, stream, or pond on your property, controlling the mosquito population in the area can become a problem. When mosquitoes, gnats, and midges begin to gather in an area, they can present an annoyance and worse. Their bites carry germs and viruses that can spread to people. Additionally, the “blind mosquito” effect can leave dead insects and insect fecal matter all over the surfaces of vehicles, windows, and outdoor furniture.

Many people are hesitant to act to reduce the mosquito population in their yard, either because they don’t think there’s anything they can do or they believe the only solution is to use chemicals. However, there are many natural ways to chase away mosquitoes and gnats that don’t involve the use of harmful chemicals. By employing one of these methods, you can reduce the insect population on your property in an eco-friendly way.

One method is to install a fountain or aeration system to keep the water circulating. These types of insects thrive around stagnant water, so taking action to keep the water circulating and in a state of motion will help to chase them away. An aerating system that incorporates the use of a bottom diffuser can also help to keep the pond’s surface from getting mucky.

Another type of mosquito pond treatment is to add Bacillus thuringiensis to your pond or stream. This is a bacteria that’s harmless to people and pets, but will kill the mosquitoes, gnats, and larvae that ingest it. Used during mosquito season, this treatment can significantly reduce the insect population in the area.

You can also consider adding gambusia to your pond or other body of water. These are small fish that closely resemble minnows, but which feed on mosquitoes and similar insects. Once incorporated into a body of water, they become another link in the eco-system’s food chain. While they feed on mosquitoes, they will also become a source of nourishment for other fish, such as bass.

By taking some of these measures, you can have an effect on the mosquito population naturally. This can help you enjoy your property more and keep your children and pets safe from the diseases that these insects spread.