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Understanding Double-Glazing Grants…Are You Eligible?

Government incentives change regularly, but are there still ways to secure a grant so that the cost of installing double glazing is lessened? Here is the lowdown on the current state of play in this arena.

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Missed Deadlines

The bad news is that the government’s all-encompassing Green Deal was discontinued in 2015. This means that people who want to make energy-saving improvements to their home with a little financial help from outside will have to look elsewhere for support.

The death of the Green Deal is not that disappointing in one respect, as in reality it provided homeowners with free double glazing installation up front, then hit them with high interest repayments over the following years. And there are better options out there for frugal spenders.

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ECO Advantages

Those who fall into lower income brackets or make use of government benefit solutions may be able to apply for the new Energy Company Obligation project. While money procured by this route is not often explicitly aimed at adding double glazing to a property, it can be used as such if there are very old and inefficient single-glazed windows in place.

Since firms like supply affordable Dublin windows and doors with modern designs that ensure improved insulation, even knocking a small slice off the price of installation can make a difference.

Northern Perks

Residents of Scotland have an even better option available to them in the form of Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland. This affords eligible households the opportunity to get up to £4500 to put towards replacing single-glazing set-ups with double glazing.

The money does need to be repaid eventually, but since there is no interest to worry about it is an appealing offer.

Secondary Solutions

While it may seem like getting a grant to help pay for double glazing is much more difficult today, there are other ways to cut costs and reduce fuel bills in one fell swoop. Modern finance packages mean that you can get competitive commercial loans that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Of course, not all deals are created equal, and it is essential to compare the packages that are out there to find out which one is the best. This is a quick way to a warmer and happier home.