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Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials-Pick The Right One

A home is not one unless it has a roof which improves home appearance and hinders man from adverse weather conditions like rain, strong winds, sunlight and sleet. Vegetation is used to cover completely or partially roofing materials. Eco-friendly roofs are better than the traditional kinds of roofs. Your roofing preferences can affect other home aspects such as its durability, heating, cooling and maintenance. Various materials and colors can be selected to be used to install an Eco-friendly roof. If you want to ensure safety of your loved ones then it is better if you choose the right and environmental friendly material. Pollution is reduced to significant levels when eco-friendly roofing material are used.

One of the notable benefits of green roofs is that they prevent cooling and heating of a building. The internal conditions under a green roof and outside are never the same, in that while it is extra hot outside inside is cool and when cold outside, inside is warm. The general temperatures of an area can be cool when it has dominant houses with green roofs. Green roofs provide natural habitats for some insects and plants. Due to their presence of plants, they provide oxygen used by animals. These roofs filter pollutants and heavy metals from air and rain water.

The fiberglass batts have been in use since long ago and they are still being used in homes. Old newspapers are used to make cellulose fiber which insulates the roof. Cellulose fibers are more expensive other types but it can still insulate your roof. Sheep’s wool may be one of the most effective insulation materials with merit of being flame retardant. Soy insulation is made from soybean and it only needs to be sprayed on the part needed, and it sticks firmly. Spray foam is applied through spraying and it contains materials such as polyurethane, phenolic and cementitious which fill the gaps in your roof. Blankets and rolls have been in use for a long time in roofing insulation solution but might not be effective in controlling extreme heat. Radiant barrier foil is a solution that can be attached to the rafter or the blankets and rolls, such that it is placed on an existing insulation making it easier when detaching it.

Radiant barrier foil and radiant barrier paint function in the same way, only that this one requires expertise to work with. A lot of innovations are likely to be witnessed as technology advances. Installation fees might soon drop as those mandated with roof making have known their work well. Eco-friendly roofs however remain a better choice while at the same time providing other benefits. The use of green roofs will soon spread to private homeowners because the private and public entities have already adopted them.

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